Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Continued Journey

The family has fussed at me for not posting enough...They are right I have been amiss. There is much that I have not been good at documenting.

This last spring my daughter won a major battle in her effort to stay sober from drugs. ( At present she has been sober for 1 year and 3 weeks.) She got her little son back that had been denied her by an unrighteous in-law. Bryan is a jewel. He can twist you around his little finger with just a glance. Yes, I am a proud grandmother. We love having him with his mother and
being able to spend time with him.

In April, my Wonderful husband, who is so much a real part of me, was diagnosed with colo-rectal cancer. Apparently considered stage 3 to 4. We had Cat-scans, biopsey, etc. done.
We do not have insurance. With this consideration, and the knowledge of the sloooowness of the medical paper work system ( I am a retired RN), we decided to seek assistance from our friends who have knowledge of natural treatments.


skinny minny said...

so glad you are back to blogging :)
Love ya!

texasblu said...

Mom, I have tagged you. Go to for your assignment. hehe