Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tisk, Tisk and Shame on me!

I never wrote in June about the hero and his venture of creating Fig Jam.
One evening he came in and exclaimed "the fig trees (we have three) are just loaded with figs!" He then commenced to have me plan out what he need to make fig jam, enough for us and the kids. I was still dealing with an ankle that kept me off my feet, so...we would come home from work, he would snatch up a small grocery bag and off he would go to the trees. About and hour later, he would come in with the bags brimming, and grinning from ear to ear. He was excited. It was fun cleaning the figs for him which I could do and squishing them, then showing him the amounts of other ingredients he needed. He would do one or two batches a night. [He lost about 2 bags of figs he had frozen to the hurricane.] Below he is stirring his brew over the stove and below that is his finished product. He canned about 36 jars of fig preserves. Most were strawberry flavored but he experimented with other jello flavors too. We will have to wait for the kids to tell you if they are good or not, I am prejudiced...they were wonderful and I so loved watching him work. What a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and being provident.


Little Miss Sunshine said...

I'm so glad he shared some with us. It's some of my favorite jelly!

texasblu said...

Nana's jealous.. she's been begging for some for forever. We can't even buy figs up here, or else I'd get some for her.

Marian & Edward said...

I have to agree with lmss - that is some REALLY good jam. I will be sad when our supply is gone.

ravensmomma said...

I finally learned to like figs and fig jelly. I read you and look at the pix you post of your hero, and have for a long time. Just never left any message before.

Miss you both very much.

Love you!

texasblu said...

ok mom..

time to update. hint hint