Monday, August 01, 2005

New Beginnings

Sometimes we find ourselves being pushed along even if we want to stay in a comfortable niche.
I not being a technological person, loving the earth, wind, sun and all things associated with the out of doors am reaching to develop a spot in the eworld that I will be comfortable to work with. I will accept suggestions and assistance with gratitude.


texasblu said...

Ok Mom - got the website on there - you had left out the quote marks around your web address & didn't put in a description. Anyway - looks good now.

I suggest adding some pictures. You can send them to me if you want and I can put them on for you.. that way you don't have to download Hello. You ought to at least put a hummingbird in your picture profile! love, aine

Michele said...

Hello Hummer,

Welcome to the eworld. Your daughter claims that you are a wonderful gardner, soon to be a master no less. I love garden talk and I will be certain to drop by every now and again to see what you have currently planted. Yes, ever I rolled my eyes at that remark.

Have fun and do stop by my site sometime - I am certain a few of my blogfriends would love to meet you.

retrospect said...

Welcome! I've only been at this around four months and it is totally addictive! I love to garden, too...If you scroll through my archives or click on the link for my flickr photos, I have tons of flower pictures that I've taken in my yard!

Enjoy the blog world!

sisterscooby said...

How neat! I wish that my mom would blog but she would probably tell the entire world all my dirty secrets and display naked baby photos of me *grin*

I am looking forward to coming back to visit!


I homeschool like your daughter... and I am LDS