Sunday, August 21, 2005


Being in the green industry one sees new life at all times. BUT
When it is your child having a baby, it is special! I am a grandmother seven times, but still get excited at the advent of each new child. I am the world's worst at emulating the small banty hens who try to steal baby chicks for themselves. I love children and their special way of looking at life. Each one is so unique and are so full of joy. What a gift it is to have family.
I am also beginning a new phase in my life. I am, at a grandmotherly age, beginning my Master's in college program. I hope to make it through the GRE test. : )


texasblu said...

Yay Mom - you got it! :)

I'm glad you're excited... even if I'm not in the best of shape. And you'll do great on your GRE test. You've already proven you can do it! HUGS!!!

momyblogR said...

You sound like a delightful woman and that is loved dearly by her family.

Congratulations on your pending grand-baby!

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