Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Excitement, Oh Yeah!

Three something goods have happened in the last two days.
(My toothy critter expresses joy so well to me)

1. I have a 3.0 average in my classes.

2. My son has a 4.0. I told him that that was just

3. We have restarted the process to get my sweetie into the medical system. They had dropped his information.

Things are looking good. One thing I have not mentioned is the leaning toward natural eating and fiber and some herbs when people talk about cancer. These are great methods of prevention and building up the immune systems, but are useless in treating the masses once they are there. One has to research the methods that have worked, but are not accepted by the regular medical society, because it was not patentable, or it was not a controlable method, or approved protocol by the drug companies. At present,we are working with Colloidal Silver and Graviola orally with fewer baking soda enemas. Since one of the cancer masses appears to be in the perianal tissue, methods that reach beyond contact were needed. He says that within minutes of taking the solutions that he feels "alligators in his rectum". The most worrisome result is the bleeding and expelling of the cancer parts as the tumors deteriorate. One does not have a way to see the results of the treatments inside at home, and doctors can not assist because the AMA and drug companies would ruin their credibility and take away their practice. Sorry about being so graphic. We have wondered what other people have felt and gone through, so we decided to just share how it is. I was reading about perianal cancer and it appears that most of the cases are in hair glands in that area especially tissue that would be from misplaced tissue that did not migrate to the right place when the embryo was forming. Interesting.

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texasblu said...

3.0 eh? I think that's fantastic!!! WAY TO GO MOM!!! :D