Sunday, December 09, 2007

Nearing the end of the semester


I finished my arboriculture class....Made a B!
Angels were watching out over me.

Now the challenge: I still have the soil class to go.

My sweetie and I are still in a holding pattern doing the kitchen treatments waiting on the medical community for the "come on down".
I was just finished giving him a treatment when I accidently smashed his finger...Ouch! says he, I said well.....I took your mind off the other hurt.... With a painful grin he said ...if you weren't so funny I would have to hurt you....; )
He is my sweetie.
He has been experiencing herxheimer's syndrome with a large die off of cancer cells. We were blessed with a reminder from a wonderful homeschooler's blog that we were forgetting the need for increased water consumption.
Now I must get back to my studies...needed a break.
The Christmas tree is lit up no ornaments just lights. It will have to wait for the tests to be over. It is comforting to have it there just like it is comforting to have knowledge that our Savior was born, and lives, and loves us bunches.

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