Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Future Sweetheart

The granddadE is glad to have his chance at holding a real valentine's day gift. A new granddaughter that is a sweetie.

Of course, the grandmomE had to have her moment. I can't wait til she can follow us around.

Her birth was a wonder. Her mom slept through the majority of the labor and the doctor arrived in time to catch her, no one knew she was crowning because her mom was asleep, and the nurse was at lunch. When she returned she checked and called for the doctor. It was special watching her emerge into life. The aunts said that was just not right.

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texasblu said...

all these babies! alas, my boys are getting so big, they don't count anymore as babies. sigh.

i can't believe Tori's eyes - they look like MOONS!

birthday pics are up as well as some older ones on the homeschool blog, and a few are posted on the colors blog. enjoy. :)