Sunday, June 08, 2008

Just a Simple Update

These are the times that make great memories, Bryan helping, pausing for a smile.
I know that I have not posted in some time. One of the challenges in this business of fighting cancer is finding time to do anything besides being focused on overcoming the illness.

Not long after my last post, I twisted my ankle in a hole at work. It was just a silly sprain. I felt I was being careful with it, but every time I would walk to the back of the property or walk over the rocks at work, I would twist it again. After 3 weeks, it began to swell up 3 times its size and became exceeding hard for me to walk. Ned finally insisted on me using a crutch. That helped, but the knee of my other leg was weak, and soon began to protest, if I put too much weight (my plague right now) on it. A wonderful friend loaned me a stabilizing boot, which has helped support and minimize the swelling. The doctor said it will take a while to heal.

There is a hero story here. I have been blessed by my hero in many ways. He can't sit, so he has taken over the dishes because my foot swells after standing very long. He goes into the stores while I wait, unless he finds a riding cart, then he comes and gets me to go with him. He waters the garden and watches over the plants to try and keep me from walking on uneven ground. My cutie grandson loves to go out to help him if he is at home. The hero is just a chivalrous kind of guy. He holds my hand to steady that is a picture...Him with a cane holding my hand to help me not stumble....funny...we usually have a good laugh at ourselves when we are out shopping or going to the doctors. Our most fun is to challenge each other to a foot race.


texasblu said...

So is it broken or just sprained? I thought it was broken..

Hummer said...

It is a stress fracture of the r ankle bone...then I strained or tore the left ligament on the same foot.