Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh My! We Can Learn New Everyday.

I knew that we could learn new everyday, but I thought I had figured out my blog. Lo and Behold you can click on the pictures and make them bigger. Well, third daughter, you can click on the garden pictures and it will take you home for a minute.
Kids, look at that Fig Tree behind dad ...wow it is huge this year and full of figs. The tomatoes are full of blooms...We hope to get some shade cloth up to facilitate the plants to keep producing even when we hit hot July.
Those of you in apartments or small backyards or the desire to not weed. This is a stackable vertical garden I have at the entrance to my store. There are other pictures on the store website. Idaho...California you need this.
the Hummer better known as MOMe

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texasblu said...

I need figs to eat - would be good in my quest to alkalize. dont suppose any way of shipping a box of them up here, is there? they dont even sell them up here!