Friday, September 07, 2007


How wonderful it was to see my hero walking out of the terminal to meet us at the car. I could tell the week long IV treatments had taken their toll. He looked tired. Of course, only 2 hours of sleep the night before had not helped either. Our daughter does not have a regular bed. She has a queen air mattress. That sounded okay, I knew though since I had to sleep cross wise to keep the sheets on that there would be trouble when there was two of us. Besides being challenging to get up....hold on the the side and pull or dump yourself off..., turning over in the night resulted in the mummy affect. The sheets let go of the side of the mattress and curled themselves around our legs and bodies, now getting up was more complicated. When I went into the kitchen and my hair was like it had been in a light socket, everyone knew the answer to "did you have a good night?' Mostly it was just good to have his presence back beside me.
Things are better today. He had a treatment last night that helped. He also loved holding the new bright star for the future. She is a cutie. We have been giving her subliminal messages when she is a sleep...."When you hear this voice you will smile" " When we call you will want to talk." Hope it is not too obvious that she is special to us. : )

I am enjoying talking with him about my class, the environment around here, and just sitting and watching the hummingbirds. Tomorrow we will help the kids put up a hummingbird feeder. Good thing to do as they are running low on flower nectar right now.

I was listening to my professor lecture today. The pictures of improperly planted trees are so real. When I drive through older neighborhoods in the Houston area, there are many examples of what she said was NOT a good thing to do, ie. plant a large tree too close to the house, sidewalk, septic. We have had many people come in to our nursery looking for answers to their now challenges...a referral to an arborist is usually the best answer. Our new customers are advised of how important it is to consider the height, and width before placing a plant. At least we are on the right page so far.

Only two more days and we will be going back to Texas. It has been a most pleasant break. ; )

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skinny minny said...

Glad you are seeing some beauty in California :) and that you are reunited with your sweetie.
Love ya! TISO