Sunday, September 09, 2007

Steps forward and Steps backward

My daughter had been having abdominal pain since last Thursday. We called the doctors message service, because I could not feel her fundus. No one called back. Since she had left the reason for having called, she did not think to call back when there wasn't a response. Early Friday she felt a bit better and decided it was her over reacting. However, by midnight the pain had increased and on Saturday she was in bed. Her husband had gone to a special session at their church and would not be back until 5pm. She wanted to wait. At 4pm, she began to feel hot and the pain increased. Her temperature was 100.4 F orally. I had her call the doctor again. She called and since her temperature was a raised, they asked her to come into the hospital. Her husband arrived at 6pm to find her packed and ready to go. His parents were here....his mom thinks the baby is "BEAUTIFUL". She is...
They admitted my daughter for postpartum endometrosis. [The doctor said one in 10 of their patients come back with this problem. I think that is a lot and a result of lack of post partum instruction.]
As for the rest of us, well while the couple "languished" in the hospital, the two grandmas' had a blast caring for the granddaughter. The grandpas' doted and shared funny stories. The grandmas' also spent time working on family history.
While we missed them, we did have a fun time together. The other grandma makes wonderful cookies and spaghetti.
Love to all
Oh btw, my hero had excellent treatment results last night. After the treatment, for the next two hours he sloughed off dead tissue and related cancer cells. It is working, but today he is tired and feeling sore from the tissue slough off

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texasblu said...

I told Monte he was responding well to the treatments. I didn't know about mE at the time.