Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Several New Beginnings

On Monday, August 27, I began my horticulture classes again. The subjects are Urban soils and Arboriculture. Information easily applied to life. My professors are very nice and patient with me. I will finish.

On Friday, I flew to California to be with my 4th child for the birth of her first child. A beautiful (even if I say so myself) little girl. Taking online classes makes it so much easier for me to juggle my life. My hero is lonesome though. He will fly out on Sep. 6th. I have missed him a lot. It will be nice to be reunited after a week. I just don't sleep as well when he is not there.
My first daughter has decided to start writing again. She has a blog that is fanfiction on Alias Smith and Jones. She says she needs the practice.
So far the site looks good.
My second daughter is working hard to hang in at work until her dad comes back from California. She is having her third child. However, it has been 12 years since her last child. She is so excited. Her sons have been working hard to adjust to a new step dad and new schools this year. The boys are liking where they are. The oldest was moved up to advanced band because he does so well.
My son got to have his first do nothing labor day. He laughed and said for the first time, besides when he went on a mission, he did not have to work on the farm with dad on Labor day. He slept in and watched old movies. His wife sent out a help email...Funny bunnies.
Life is not easier nor is it overwhelming. Things are good and are best when done with a smile and some laughter. My hero said he hasn't had a good laugh since I left. How sad...he and those around him should be able to find light hearted jokes or conversation that can be uplifting. I love to laugh and enjoy life to the hilt. I sat on my daughter's patio looking at the mountains and desert in the distance thinking how wonderful it is to be alive and how beautiful our surroundings are. I think that is why I find learning more about horticulture exciting. As I studied about climate, etc., I could see how just a little more attention to the plants around us can do so much for the next generation.
Now don't think I'm going political or environmentalist. I think it is all about stewardship and that involves everyone.

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