Friday, November 28, 2008

We Are Decking the Hall with Holly

Thanksgiving was a wonderful blessing.
Surrounded by my children that could make it home and their children. My sweet Hero was alternately grateful for all the attention and overwhelmed.
He loved the fun of watching them play board games and watching the leaves falling from the large window in the living room where his bed is situated.
We had a traditional meal with the dressing being my one disaster this year. The turkey was so fat that the dressing was just swimming in the fat. We disposed of it and enjoyed my son-in-law's favorite mashed potatoes with the meal. Now it is the day after and we have all leaned back and just tried to
relax for the early part of the day until most have dispersed. My number 4 child
is still here and setting up Christmas decorations for us. She is a blessing too.
Christmas promises to be a special time for us. So far, Heavenly Father has been blessing my Hero with his strength increasing daily. Does this say the cancer is gone? No, but he is busy searching for things to do that are uplifting and good for others. I so love him. He is uplifting to me, even when he is sitting and thinking for the next thing for me to do. LOL
We are having to work on what we thought might be bed sores beginning. I am beginning to think that maybe it is the same stuff as the gangrene he had on his groin. All that nasty stuff inside must have a way of getting out...if skin is the closest area...that is what it will be. Enough negative. We are excited about the upcoming holiday. God is in His heaven and He loves us all so much that he gave his only begotten Son.
Through Christ's atonement, we are afforded the ability to overcome.
I love Christmas so I will be enjoying posting this month to use my free clip art.

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texasblu said...

"Oh My Gosh My Golly, it's time for mistletoe and holly!" ~ Frank Sinatra


Glad ya'll had a happy day! XO