Friday, November 16, 2007

Beauty is all around

We have been in the hospital for the last three days. My hero began hemorrhaging on Wednesday night and we had to go to the emergency room. They chose to give him blood. His hemoglobin was 9 which was marginal. Three days later and 4 units of blood later they are releasing him to go apply at the State Hospital for conventional cancer treatments. They basically held their hand up and said "Talk to the hand" don't want to hear anything about it, when we tried to explain the treatment we were trying to do.
We are praying about the situtation and are trying to make wise choices. In the mean time, looking out our window, it is peaceful watching the wind rustle through the trees, and the fluffy white clouds saunter past in a beautiful azure sky.

We have enjoyed talking with our children and feeling the love and care emanating from them.

The high light of the hero's day was playing ball at his bedside with his eighteen month old grandson and talking with his out of town grandchildren on the phone. One of his greatest pains is being unable to make the trip to spend time with them.

Grandchildren are a delightful part of life,and makes enduring worth it.

Friends are also a special part of our life. There have been past bishops, home teachers, stake presidency, and huging friends come by. We had a couple come by just to help us by witnessing Medical Attorney Power of Attorney forms. For them to drive 40 minutes to do that for us is really an act of love.

I have to change gears now and take care of matters at hand. I need to really focus on my class work. We nearing the end of the class and all projects are coming due and it is hard to work on projects and provide care in the hospital. The hospitals are short handed and when there is help they are not patient care oriented.