Thursday, June 26, 2008

Moving Ahead

A bougainvillea plant grows its branches terminating into a ball of beautiful color. The flowers are commonly called "Paper Flowers". The blossoms last for a long time.
This reminds me of our life right now. The only way to get a bougainvillea to bloom is to stress it out. You minimize the watering, fertilizing, and give it lots of sunshine.
The hero has decided to stop Chemotherapy. The doctors decided that the medications being used were not effective so they chose to stop those and start a new kind. The literature on the drugs revealed they are experimental from Canada, and if you don't have a horrible rash especially on the face that the drug is not working. The longest the extension of life it offers is 7 months. The hero decided that he didn't want to spend the last months of his life, if that is the Lord's choice, in misery and pain. So we are putting our hands in the Lord's hand and letting him guide us. We had a friend that the doctor's told her she would only live 6 months if she didn't do a specific therapy. She chose against it and over 6 years later she was still going. Only the Lord knows our time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Oh My! We Can Learn New Everyday.

I knew that we could learn new everyday, but I thought I had figured out my blog. Lo and Behold you can click on the pictures and make them bigger. Well, third daughter, you can click on the garden pictures and it will take you home for a minute.
Kids, look at that Fig Tree behind dad it is huge this year and full of figs. The tomatoes are full of blooms...We hope to get some shade cloth up to facilitate the plants to keep producing even when we hit hot July.
Those of you in apartments or small backyards or the desire to not weed. This is a stackable vertical garden I have at the entrance to my store. There are other pictures on the store website. Idaho...California you need this.
the Hummer better known as MOMe

Father's Day was great!

The hero had an awesome day. We made it to church in a timely manner....which is in itself a wonder.... He received a phone call from each of his six children, AND he got to talk to all of his grandchildren. Our son and his wife sent him a funny card as well as calling and singing Happy Father's Day to the tune of Happy Birthday. He enjoyed that and the giggle it gave him. The Idahoian family called and each on of the eight talked with him (One is in California helping her aunt). Then the Californian family called and he got to talk to all 3 plus 1 of them. The fourth daughter called and let him talk with her two children. The boy at home waited up for us so he could visit after we got home. We went out to eat with little miss sunshine and her family. It was all good. We are grateful to our Heavenly Father for the many blessing we have at His hand.

Later, we picked up the hero's mom and took her to visit her husband's grave. She had not been there for a while and his birthday had been a week before. She was glad to have made it. We then met with little miss sunshine, along with her hubby and J.T. Great-mother wanted to go to Appleby's Restaurant, so there we went. It was a wonderful time, spent with great love and laughter. The ride home didn't make him so tired, since he was floating on a cloud of happiness.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Just a Simple Update

These are the times that make great memories, Bryan helping, pausing for a smile.
I know that I have not posted in some time. One of the challenges in this business of fighting cancer is finding time to do anything besides being focused on overcoming the illness.

Not long after my last post, I twisted my ankle in a hole at work. It was just a silly sprain. I felt I was being careful with it, but every time I would walk to the back of the property or walk over the rocks at work, I would twist it again. After 3 weeks, it began to swell up 3 times its size and became exceeding hard for me to walk. Ned finally insisted on me using a crutch. That helped, but the knee of my other leg was weak, and soon began to protest, if I put too much weight (my plague right now) on it. A wonderful friend loaned me a stabilizing boot, which has helped support and minimize the swelling. The doctor said it will take a while to heal.

There is a hero story here. I have been blessed by my hero in many ways. He can't sit, so he has taken over the dishes because my foot swells after standing very long. He goes into the stores while I wait, unless he finds a riding cart, then he comes and gets me to go with him. He waters the garden and watches over the plants to try and keep me from walking on uneven ground. My cutie grandson loves to go out to help him if he is at home. The hero is just a chivalrous kind of guy. He holds my hand to steady that is a picture...Him with a cane holding my hand to help me not stumble....funny...we usually have a good laugh at ourselves when we are out shopping or going to the doctors. Our most fun is to challenge each other to a foot race.