Saturday, July 19, 2008

And Here is the Lady of the Hour!

My hero and I had the priviledge of attending a ceremony of his mother being given the "Resident of the Month" award at her assisted living home. If you watched her loving on the staff and her fellow residents you would understand just how much she deserved the award. She is beautiful!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The ONLY good Deer is venison in the Freezer!

Sure I have worked with countless customers to rescue their yards from deer. I have assisted and put my arms around distraught customers who had lost all their new plants. I have never had a deer on my 7 acres. BUT I have always had a dog. We lost our last blue heeler in the spring and did not replace it because we were gone so much to the hospital. NOW the deer have discovered, we do not have a big dog and guess what!
The hero came in saying our cucumbers were being eaten by bugs and looked like the sprinkler was not reaching it. I thought, "my ankle hurts and is swollen, I am tired, I will wait until the morning to go look..." He persisted. When I got out to the garage, he had gotten out the golf cart so I wouldn't have to walk with the crutches as far.
Upon my arrival, my first thought was "did the adolescent son play too close with his sword and whack my cucumbers?...." Then as I traversed the center of the raised beds, I detected the odor of hoofed animals. Since we frequently have horses loose in the area, my first thought was the neighbor's horses got loose again. Then I got to the lemon cucumbers and pole beans...whacked off too and little hoof prints up in the raised bed....DEER!@!
My thoughts are not of sweet Bambi...(maybe in a zoo or on the top of a mountain), but of venison in the freezer. From my experience, I already know the dream of wonderful fresh vegetables I had planned for my hero are waning quickly. I want a BIG dog!!!!