Sunday, October 25, 2009

I Remembered

I don't pay attention to the date much unless I am writing a check or something that has to be dated. Yesterday I was making a deposit. It was the 24th. I felt a loss then. It was our wedding anniversary. What a time it was. The Hero had been so intense on making it a wonderful event. We had family come all the way from Houston, including his grandmother who was a social event master. The night before I had to go for my fitting of my dress, my cousin made it in Oklahoma while I was at school in Texas. I was almost late getting back...right on the line. The Hero was getting worried. I shook all the way down the isle, don't ask me why. But when I arrived next to my Hero and he took my hand, I calmed down. I took the first step in my journey in life as his wife. He never failed to provide love, comfort, temporal needs, and spiritual needs. I will begin posting some of his letters and notes for the family to fill out his wishes.