Monday, March 01, 2010

Beginning With The End -The Journal

Aug/ 2008

A simple burial place is fine so long as my sweetie will be near by.
I would like for the following to speak at my funeral.
Warren Kirkby,
Monte Johnson,
My Home Teacher,
Anybody that wants to.
I want Linda and family, Gail, Nolen to be included as family.

My biggest regret is that I have been so slow to repent. I fear I may be counted as slothful. I do love the Lord. I have no doubt in his mercy and desire to see us happy. My fear is that I have disappointed Him.

I love my wife so much. I love her with the greatest intensity. I love my children and grandchildren. Even those that have failed the most have given me great joy by their soldiering on.

My life has been hard but sweet. Mostly, it has been more humbling than hard.

My blessing for all my family including adopted children is
"That the Lord will give them a very strong desire to be faithful and to resist weakness."

Pray for me.
May we meet again and be united.

(A post note: He wrote this just before he went into the hospital with gangrene, the journal was found a month after the funeral, in his illness he had gotten to where it was hard to think or concentrate, and thus forgot to tell me of his entry. The blessing was everything happened as he wished.)


Joel said...

I drempt abt Dad and Papa last night.
I do still pray for him.

Pirate Princess said...

Warren and Monte were not there.

Hummer said...

That is true one was in Utah and the other was out of town also.
But the brother of one was a speaker.